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Bowmanville, ON Canada
Phone: 905 447 9976

We provide the right solution for each specific problem.

It is our goal to deliver world class IT support with highly skilled customer focused professionals.

We work with your own schedule remotely or on-site.

We value your time, wheter for your self or your business in egeeks our priority is to provide a solution at the right time.

No double calls to contact our tech support.

We simplify the communication process between us and our clients providing customer service shortcuts to stop wasting time waiting for help support.

We have the right pricing for you!

We understand how important it is for you to receive an excellent service, that is why we ensure quality service at affordable prices.

IT support and solutions from residential to small, medium and large sized businesses.

At egeeks we offer IT solutions tailored to your needs to create competitive advantages for your business.


What our clients say about us…

In egeeks, the satisfaction of our clients is our priority. In every service we provide we are looking for a long term partnership and relationship with our clients.

Services we provide

High quality service and continued long term care.

Tech support

We take pride in offering top quality in business and home computer services and repair.

Web design

We can build any type or size website you require, from small custom designed websites or highly advanced online stores.

IT management

We help your business to operate efficiently using IT to transform your business process model.

Social media management

We help you to build a social media strategy that will lead you to create a strong personal connection with your prospective customers.


Maintenance & Service Plans

Discover the advantages of having a maintenance plan for your organization.

We design a proactive maintenance plan that is tailored to your needs and budget for you to keep your operations running smoothly, get a quick response times and save you money.


Onsite Desktop Support Service

Bring our engineers expertise directly to you!

Our experienced IT desktop support professionals will help you or your organization be more effective and respond faster to common IT issues, providing technical PC hardware and software support.


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We are here to help!

From virus removal to setting up a new computer system, we focus on providing you with the right technical solution for your specific computer problem. If you want to learn more on how egeeks can help with your troubleshooting and repairs, please call us today to schedule a service.

residential support

We come to your home to provide the computer support you need.

Let us take care of all of your computer repair and service needs!

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If you are ready to begin enjoying a new level of consistent and proactive support for your company, please contact egeeks technology services today to discuss your support needs.

Same day service on-site support.

Our team of professionals work around your schedule to help you get the service when you need it.

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Computer Support made Easy & Simple!

If you want to learn more on how egeeks can help with your IT needs, please call us today or schedule a service.

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Why choose our services ?

In egeeks our goal is to assist you with solutions for your technological needs, either residential or for your business.

Why choose our services

All our services are customer center oriented in order to provide the right solution to the right need. We provide transparency, expertise and reliable time sensitive service. We put all our expertise at your service and we deliver solutions on your time. Please take a few minutes to check our services so that you will find out why you don’t need to search for another IT provider.

We do not just solve IT problems, but solve them in new ways by inventing new procedures and strategies, finding quickly a solution to a new situation.

We pride ourselves on our strong dedication and professionalism to the provision of high quality services to the individuals and businesses we support. We do what we say, on time and within budget. We are equally committed to ensuring the transparency of both our organization and the services we provide.

We love technology, but we love nothing more that working on a great project with a fantastic client.

Who are we…

We are a mobile IT services company with a creative team of IT professionals who enjoys to work with technology. We deliver high quality, cost effective, reliable and result-oriented IT Services for residential and businesses.

What we do…

We are a customer centric organization who provide core IT solutions for residential and businesses. In every service we provide we are looking for a long term partnership and relationship with our clients.

How we impact your business… 

We can help you reach your goals faster and maximize the IT presence and the impact it has on your business. Technology can increase your productivity in business operations, transform your business model and create a competitive advantage.